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a bit about me..

My name is Sumiyya Whyte and I am the founder of FISH & CHIPS Theater.

Born in London, I have been living in Switzerland since 2013. I'm married with two children, my son Sideeq who is 10 and daughter Nabila who is 7.

I am an actress and theatre director and have been acting and writing plays for over 20 years. I am also a trained English teacher and have taught students in England, Italy and Switzerland.

Having run similar theatre projects for children in England for many years, I was very excited to launch FISH & CHIPS Theater in March 2021.

Using our unique teaching method, our theatre workshops offer a mix of infectious fun and detailed technical work - giving our students a real opportunity to increase their knowledge of English, build confidence and develop a passion and talent for acting.

No acting experience required. All you need is  energy and a smile! 

I look forward to meeting your child and helping them uncover their hidden talents!


FISH & CHIPS Theater is a new and exciting youth organisation based in Winterthur. We use the power of acting to teach children how to speak English in a fun and creative way. 

Alongside acting, our CHIPS learn a range of skills including:

  • script-writing,

  • costume-making,

  • stage design 

  • organising & marketing a theatre performance and much more..

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 about us 

At FISH & CHIPS Theater we use theatre to teach kids how to speak English without them even realising they're learning.

We make English-learning fun, creative and easy!


Since 2021 we have worked with over 40 amazing children, written and performed five original plays and produced one short film.


Along the way we've had lots of fun, laughter and surprises..


who said learning English is boring?!

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